Celebrating Inspiring Young Talent in CWPA

Apr 15, 2024

At CWPA Planning and Architecture, our practice embodies a dynamic blend of seasoned, experienced experts and fresh, young graduates brimming with innovative thinking. This fusion of expertise spans across different eras of planning, design, and architectural creativity, resulting in a well-balanced collaboration that strives to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.

Roisin’s love for geography and a thirst for continuous learning led her to a career in spatial planning, culminating in a degree from Technological University of Dublin. With nearly four years at CWPA, Roisin has worked on a diverse array of projects, from large residential developments to commercial planning applications. She finds fulfilment in the dynamic nature of her job, relishing the opportunity to tackle different projects and interact with a variety of people. For Roisin, the ultimate reward lies in the ability to help clients achieve their dreams, whether it’s building their forever home or advocating for responsible development within communities.

Jamie’s fascination with art and creative thinking led him to pursue a career in architecture, graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture. His professional journey has seen him tackle diverse projects, from hotel developments to bespoke extensions. Jamie finds fulfilment in the collaborative aspect of his work, relishing the opportunity to meet clients and translate their visions into architecturally innovative solutions. For him, the essence of architecture lies in understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of each client.

Shane’s passion for drawing and Computer Aided Design (CAD) paved the way for a successful career in architectural technology. With qualifications from Dublin Institute of Design and Technological University Dublin, Shane has contributed to a myriad of projects, ranging from residential to educational and commercial ventures. What Shane appreciates most about his job is the continuous learning and the vibrant, creative environment fostered by his colleagues. Every project is an opportunity to expand his knowledge and skills in this dynamic field.

Brad’s journey into the world of architecture was a natural evolution from his childhood passion for sketching and building with Lego. His innate curiosity about construction methods and architectural styles blossomed during holidays abroad, where he found immense joy in diverse designs. Achieving a BSc(Hons) in Architectural Technology from Technological University Dublin, Brad thrives on the dynamic nature of his job. From small-scale residential projects to large residential developments, he relishes the challenge of finding innovative solutions. Each day presents a new puzzle to solve, pushing Brad to continually hone his skills in this ever-evolving discipline.