CWPA Architectural Technologist Presents at ICAT 2024 Galway

Feb 8, 2024

Our colleague, Brad Whyte O’Hara, an Architectural Technologist graduate, was recently honoured with an invitation to present his final research thesis at the prestigious ICAT (International Congress on Architectural Technology) 2024 Conference in Galway.

His groundbreaking research focused on investigating the effects of incorporating eggshell waste and glycerine into concrete, aiming to enhance its physical and mechanical properties, particularly compressive strength and workability.

With water and concrete being two of the most utilised materials in construction globally, Brad’s work shed light on the pressing need for sustainable development within the construction industry. Did you know that the construction sector accounts for approximately 39% of all global energy and process-related carbon emissions? Cement manufacturing alone contributes 8% to this staggering percentage.

Brad’s research highlighted the unsustainable nature of current concrete production methods, which heavily rely on energy-intensive processes and significant water usage, exacerbating issues in regions already facing water scarcity.

Eggshell waste, composed primarily of calcium carbonate, emerged as a promising alternative to traditional cement components, while glycerine showcased its potential as a water-reducing admixture, drawing from its moisture-retaining properties.

By exploring the reuse of agricultural waste and sustainable water-reducing additives, Brad’s work not only contributes to the development of environmentally friendly concrete but also opens avenues for repurposing harmful waste materials, transforming them into valuable resources.

We are proud of Brad’s contributions to sustainable construction practices and his dedication to finding solutions to our environmental challenges.

February 8, 2024