CWPA Ideas Published in Irish Architecture Foundation & Housing Agency Book

Dec 6, 2023

Leading planning, design and architectural firm, CWPA Planning & Architecture is delighted to have two housing proposals published in the Housing Unlocked publication called Ideas from a Living Room, an initiative that seeks to find ways to address the housing crisis while highlighting housing potential in our villages, towns and cities.   The publication is a collaboration between the Irish Architecture Foundation and The Housing Agency.   

The book, Ideas from a Living Room is a collection of the ideas submitted for the award-winning Housing Unlocked architecture exhibition by over 40 participants from around Ireland.  The initiative was driven by the need to apply innovation and expertise to improve affordable housing supply and meet national objectives in relation to urban regeneration and compact growth.

CWPA’s two proposals, The Alternative Housing Models and The Sustainable Approach, published under the Policy section of the Anthology of ideas chapter of the book, was the collaboration of CWPA’s creative minds of Fran Whelan, MD Architecture; Joe Corr, MD Planning; Shyamalima Buragohain, Project Architect & Urban Designer and Vikram Roy, Architect & Urban Planner.

Fran Whelan, Managing Director of Architecture at CWPA said “We have an extremely talented team in CWPA and we were delighted to present our ideas to the project and even more thrilled to have them published in Ideas from a Living Room.   Our goal is to create spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience. These proposals not only push the limits of architectural creativity but also incorporate sustainable elements to address the evolving needs of our communities. We believe that architecture has the power to shape a better future, and these projects illustrate our dedication to that vision.”

The team’s Alternative Housing Models proposal outlines alternative housing models that offer a range of benefits, including affordability, sustainability, community building and flexibility.  This proposal seeks to repurpose derelict houses in Dublin into sustainable mixed-income communities.  It aims to address the housing shortage, preserve architectural heritage, and promote sustainable urban development.  The model emphasises community engagement and collaborative partnership to ensure successful implementation.

While the Sustainable Approach proposal suggests an approach that includes adopting a sustainable urban design framework, using natural drainage systems, implementing energy-efficient building design and renewable energy systems, using sustainable wastewater treatment systems, adopting water-efficient appliances, passive house design, rainwater harvesting and developing policies that prioritise sustainability. 

In both cases the CWPA team advise that a change in housing policy needs to happen to make these proposals achievable.